About Us

We’re a software engineering firm headquartered in Rhode Island.

Originally founded in 2006 as Public Display, we incorporated Panoptic Development to focus solely on consulting. Our team has a breadth of skills in software architecture, system architecture, web development, mobile application development, computer languages, databases, user interface design, and quality assurance.

Senior Team

Shannon Lewis
Co-Founder and Principal
Shannon started her career as an electrical engineer, but soon realized the error of her ways and moved over to the software world. Shannon has managed almost every aspect of the software development life cycle. She has over 20 years of experience as a Product Manager, Development Manager, Project/Program Manager, Customer Service Manager and Test Manager. Shannon oversees the operations of Panoptic Development including (but not limited to): Project Management, Finance and day-to-day operations. Shannon received a BSEE from Tufts University and a MBA from The Fuqua School of Business - Duke University.
Mike Leone
Co-Founder, Technical Advisor
A skilled software architect and engineer, Mike advises on the company's major technical decisions. Mike has been involved in every part of the software project life cycle, building embedded, web, and mobile applications for companies across the United States. Mike helps the engineering team decide on new technologies, hire technical talent, and evaluate potential projects. Mike graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Applied Mathematics.
Peter Woo
Co-Founder, Strategic Advisor
Peter advises on the planning process for new projects by analyzing the knowledge, resources, and time needed over the course of those projects. He started his career as an embedded systems developer at a Silicon Valley consulting firm specializing in VoIP and wireless communications during the dot-com boom. He then came back to Providence and founded East Transit Technologies, a provider of software for small transportation systems. After working to get East Transit off the ground, he served as engineering manager at Public Display for three years. Peter earned an Sc.B. in Computer Science and an A.B. in Development Studies from Brown University.