Mental health assessments are an important piece of the health screening process. Health care providers use assessments as a screening tool to assist in the diagnosis of emotional and behavioral problems. Because of this, it’s important that the assessments are easy to use, accurate and secure.

Moving your mental health assessments online has many benefits such as:

    • reducing errors
    • increasing efficiency
    • increasing security
    • customizing the application to your organizations needs

A manual health assessment process is susceptible to human error. Most common errors are:

    • picking the wrong assessment for age based adolescent health assessments
    • participant errors when filling out the assessment
    • scoring errors
    • incorrect participant background information

By moving health assessments online, you can help to alleviate these errors by:

    • eliminating any ambiguity on answers
    • eliminating scoring errors by uses a computer based scoring algorithm
    • automatically pulling the participant background information from his medical record

In today’s business climate, reducing inefficiencies is often a top management priority. Administering manual health assessments are personnel intensive and inefficient compared to online assessments. Online health assessments increase efficiency by:

    • allowing the scores to be available immediately to the Physician or clinician, improving patient care
    • integrating with the participant’s electronic medical record
    • providing data analysis at your fingertips, no need to manually input answers into a database for analysis
    • scheduling assessments prior to the visit, so the physician can review before the appointment
    • automatically notifying participant of a scheduled assessment
    • automatically notifying staff if a participant answers a question in such as way as to believe he will harm himself

Security is the utmost importance when handling any medical information, an online solution is much more secure than storing results on paper. The application is HIPPA compliant. It has roles based security on the assessments to allow only authorized personnel to access to the data.

The web-based mental health assessment framework is customizable to your individual organization’s needs. All aspects of the framework can be adjusted as needed to meet your organizations needs. Examples are: integration with medical records, customized questions and answers for assessments, permission based authorization.

Moving your manual based mental health assessment process online can increase efficiency, increase patient care, reduce errors and increase security. To see our framework in action, read our mini case study. If you would like to know more please Contact us via email, or fill out the “start a project” button below.