Product Owner’s Responsibilities

If you have never participated in the process of building an application, you probably do not know what your responsibilities are.  Regardless of whether you are an Entrepreneur looking to launch the next Facebook or a manager looking to increase efficiency within your company by building a web application to streamline your marketing reports, your […]

You Have It Backwards

Putting the cart before the horse, that’s what most people who call me for advice are doing. They have a great product idea and they immediately want to know how much it’s going to cost to build. The cost of building the application is their first (and last) “go/no go” decision. Have they validated the […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Custom Application Like an Employee

Custom software can be an expensive investment, but if you design it to do a job and invest in it like an employee, you’ll be able to track results better and budget for it accordingly. So when a potential client comes to us looking to have a custom application built, one of the first things we want to know is, what’s its job? Whether it’s going to be a mobile app, a website, an API, an embedded system, a device driver, or whatever, every custom application ultimately works for that client, just like their employees.

Why We Moved to WordPress

In keeping with the philosophy of full transparency, I am writing today about why we, a Web Application development consulting company, moved our website to WordPress. To some this might seem counter intuitive, but in reality it made a lot of sense and we should probably have done this a while ago. Pain Points: Just […]