7 Reasons We Use Google Hangouts Over Skype

We here at Panoptic Development are big users of Google Hangouts.

We use Hangouts every day for our daily check-in. We use it for our weekly client meetings. We have even starting using Hangouts with client’s who don’t have a webcam via the Uberconference integration. We believe that using Hangouts is a big productivity win for us and our clients!

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Here are top 7 reason we love Google+ Hangouts Over Skype.

  1. Group video conferencing. Hangouts allows for up to 10 users to video conference at a time (15 if you are a google+ premium user). Skype can have up to 25 users, but you must have the paid service for this feature.
  2. No bandwidth issues. Hangouts does not seem to have the bandwidth problems that Skype can have with multiple users. Hangouts also provides a “Slider” which allows a user to reduce the bandwidth for his video if issues arise.
  3. Free Calls. With Hangouts you can call landline and cell phone participants for free as long as they are in the US or Canada. Skype charges a per minute fee for this. Tweet:Free calls to landlines and cell phones - One of the reasons we like Hangouts over Skype.
  4. Integration with Uberconference. Hangouts is now integrated with Uberconference. Non-video participants can call a conference call number and be conferenced in with the video participants.
  5. Its free. I can hear all you out there saying “So is Skype.” Yes, and no. Skype is free for one-on-one video conferencing, but for group video conferencing at least one member has to have the paid subscription.
  6. Screensharing. This is great to be able to do on the fly during a meeting. Saves a ton of time! Yes, Skype does this, but in our opinion it’s easier in Hangouts, and you can set it up prior to the video call to test.
  7. Integration with google docs. This makes it that much easier to edit and discuss documents in real-time.

Infographic comparing Skype vs Hangout

Get the bonus content: Checklist for Running a Successful Video Conference

  • lm

    yeah hangouts voice quality has been comparatively bad and inconsistent for us for one-on-one calls, though still usable. my experience is that skype provides more consistent video and voice quality for one-on-one conferences. for group conferences, though, skype doesn’t seem as reliable. obviously your network config is a huge factor, but we’ve tried three different video conferencing solutions (hangout, skype, and bluejeans) on the same configurations and hangouts has been the worst.

    • Shannon Lewis

      I guess we are lucky. We have been using Hangouts for years and have been happy with it. Every once in a while we have a bandwidth issue, but the most part its worked just fine. I guess “your mileage might vary”.

    • Shannon Lewis

      Thanks for the feedback. I guess the caveat is “your mileage might vary”. Since we use Hangouts exclusively we haven’t tried Skype lately to see if they have improved. Hangouts works for us, so we don’t have a reason to switch. But I will keep that in mind if things start to go bad with Hangouts.

  • I have compared the video quality among these two. Skype video was so clear …in the next minute Hangout offered not such a good performance. Any advice?

    • Shannon Lewis

      I think if Skype offers the best quality for you and it mets your needs then you should go with Skype.

  • Kima Sargsyan

    I use Zangi. It’s free and with no bandwidth issues. https://zangi.com/features/bandwidth-usage

    • Shannon Lewis

      thanks for the tip.