Web App Development


We build great user experiences on the web. Panoptic has a detailed knowledge of modern web development ecosystems and related open-source tools, like Ruby and Python. We leverage existing software solutions when possible and minimize the need for custom application code. We are experts in cloud application deployment and large-scale infrastructure like Amazon EC2 and Google App Engine.

Mobile App Development


We build mobile and tablet applications for global audiences.  Panoptic employs a custom mobile strategy for each client, targeting either the open market or internal business deployments.  We’ve worked on projects that targeted multiple platforms simultaneously and others that required native features.

Software Integration


We make different software systems talk to each other.  We understand a wide variety of APIs, communication protocols, and organizational structures.  Software integration requires a  broad range of skills, from engineering and interfaces to design and documentation.

User Interface Design


We build best-in-class user interfaces that drive results.  Our workflows get customers the information they need as easily as possible.  Our designers ensure that applications are simple, easy-to-use and tailored to your target users.  We create memorable experiences that build long-lasting customer relationships and call users to action.

Project Management


We keep projects moving forward.  All our projects are overseen by a seasoned Project Manager, and we are able to reduce risk by facilitating communication with the client and development team.  Project Managers keep projects moving by balancing time-to-market, features, and budget, ensuring a successful release.

QA & Testing


We build quality into our process. Our team produces extensive automated software tests to ensure robustness and greatly reduce the likelihood of bugs. Additionally, our team manually tests all features.  Our software always ships with unit tests and high-level integration tests.

Our Process

Panoptic Development's Agile Process

We use Agile methodologies for all of our projects. Our process starts with an initial conversation, where we gather requirements in order to provide an accurate estimate.  Once a projects starts, we further define project through user stories or a requirements document.  We then develop in one- or two-week iterations, and at the end of each iteration, the project is in a working, testable state.  We repeat this process until the project is ready for final testing and release.